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Debt settlement consists of negotiating to lower your total debt amount-thus eliminating a large portion of your debt. The Debt Settlement program also referred as Debt Negotiation may have a short-term negative effect on your credit profile. However, once negotiated and settled, your creditors will report the accounts as "settled" or " settled in full". Once all of your accounts are settled you will be DEBT FREE, and you will be able to re-establish your credit.

We recommend speaking to one of our professional consultants first, there is no charge, no obligation involved. We will be able to answer any questions regarding the program and your specific situation.

You can contact us at 1(866) 452-9770

Once you have spoken to one of our Certified Debt Specialists and decided that our Debt Settlement program is the best solution for you, we can start working towards your settlement to ensure you are completely free from unsecured debt.

The program length can vary depending on the individuals needs. However, it typically takes the average client about 18-36 months after we've negotiated the total amount of your debt down to 40%-80%. This includes all fees. Our settlement service is offered nationwide. Our service has assited thousands of clients

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