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The Debt Management Program is individually designed to provide you with a unique solution for your financial situation. A professionally trained Certified Debt Specialist will:

- Evaluate your financial situation
- Assist you in creating a budget.
- And work with creditors for a possible reduction in: finance charges, late fees and/or over-limit charges, monthly payments and time to pay off debt.

The Debt Management Program helps you simplify your monthly unsecured debt obligations. Unsecured debt is any debt not tied to an asset. Examples of unsecured debt include: credit cards, department store cards, collection agencies, credit lines, and unsecured personal loans or payday loans. Once enrolled into a Debt Management Program we will consolidate your payments and disburse to your creditors on your behalf.

Professional Debt Specialists are available weekdays, evenings and weekends. Call to speak with a Certified Debt Specialist at 1 (866)452-9770 to schedule an appointment or Speak to someone now to help you determine if a Debt Management program is right for you,


A customer with a defaulted credit card account will often be paying an interest rate approaching 30%. Upon joining a DMP, credit card banks sometimes lower the annual percentage rates charged to 5-10%, and a few eliminate interest altogether. This reduction in interest allows the counseling agencies to advertise that their customers will be debt free in periods of 3-5 years, rather than the 20+ years that it would take to pay off a large amount of debt at high interest rates.

Step 1: Speak with a Certified Debt Specialist

Call Horizon Debt Group, LLC at 1( 866)-452-9770 today to discuss your financial goals with an Certified Debt Specialist and find out if a Debt Management Program is right for you.

Whether you want to ease the burden of increasing credit card debt, develop strategies to successfully manage your creditor payments or to resolve issues concerning past-due accounts, we can help you to take the appropriate steps toward reaching your financial goals.

During this session, you will develop a plan to manage your creditor payments as well as receive educational information and tips on budgeting and saving money. Your Certified Debt Specialist will review your financial goals with you and explain how a Debt Management Program will help you achieve those goals.

Step 2: Develop a Financial Plan

After determining that a Debt Management Program is the right option for you, your Certified Debt Specialist will help you take control of your creditors while achieving your personal financial goals. During the counseling session, your Certified Debt Specialist will work with you to:

- Review and evaluate your current financial situation
- Develop strategies to manage creditor payments as a part of a balanced budget
- Evaluate personal financial goals

Your Certified Debt Specialist will help you explore other options for managing your debt.

Step 3: Achieve Debt Management solution

After you enroll in the Debt Management Program, you will benefit from the convenience of making one monthly payment to your creditors and reducing the interest you pay. Your Certified Debt Specialist will be there for you each step of the way, providing you with information and assistance as you reach your goals.

Step 4: Review Progress and Start Saving Money

Throughout your participation in the Debt Management Program, you will receive periodic follow-up and review with your profile. You can track your progress and review your goals online 24/7 this will help you adjust your budget so that you are always maximizing your savings.


Step 5: Continue on Financial Goals

Upon the successful completion of your Debt Management Program, you will have paid off your debt to creditors while making progress toward achieving your financial goals. As you move toward new goals and objectives, the strategies that you developed with your Certified Debt Specialist will be instrumental to your continued financial success.

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