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Our purpose is to provide answers to important questions that are often asked about Debt Negotiation. Brief answers to some Frequently Asked Questions below. We hope this information helps you during the process.

When does the Negotiating team begin settling my debt?
Once you have fully retained our services we will begin the settlement process. However, we can only settle a debt once the full funds are available in your trust account.

If I miss a monthly payment will I be dropped from your program?
No. Simply call your personal representative and they will be able arrange an alternate payment method that is more convenient. It is understandable that circumstances may arise and we will help you get back on track with your payment schedule.

How do I find out the progress of my Debt Negotiation?
You will also receive monthly reports that will keep you informed of the activity on your personal trust account. You can call the customer service dept. Monday thru Friday from 9am - 6pm EST to speak directly with a representative

Will I still pay my creditors directly while in the program?
No. Upon enrollment, you will stop paying your creditors immediately. We will be negotiating on your behalf, so we will pay your creditors directly from your trust account

Will the late fees and interest stop from accruing on my accounts?
We cannot stop a creditor from adding interest or late fees to an account. However, your individual program will reflect those fees and/or interest, and is incorporated into the Settlement Program. Because we negotiate the debt down to a fraction of what you owe, your savings are far greater than any interest or late fees that could accrue.

I have a flexible monthly income. Can I still participate in the program?
Yes. Our fees and payment schedule is on a client-by-client basis. We will figure an affordable and simple plan for your unique situation.

Are my creditors going to continue to call me?
You should expect creditors to call you once you stop paying them. You owe them money and they are going to want to try to collect it. We suggest that you do not speak with them, but notify us so we can ensure that they are calling you within the guidelines of the law.

Will my creditors continue to contact me by mail?
Your creditors may also attempt to correspond with you by mail. With that being said, we ask that you immediately contact us and forward any letters to us.

Will this program have a negative effect on my credit?
The Debt Negotiation program may have a short-term negative effect on your credit profile. However, once negotiated and settled, your creditors will report the accounts as "settled" or "settled in full" . Once all of your accounts are settled you will be DEBT FREE, and you will be able to start to reestablish new credit.

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